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Methodology and Curriculum

We follow a highly developed conventional method of teaching which a combination of Montessori, self learning exploratory or free play methods and other multi age, methods like pretend play zone, sand play zone and age appropriate library.

In addition to the Monthly Curriculum/Themes, we also teach Sensorial/Five Senses, Language/Letter Recognition and Phonics, Numbers/Counting, Reading Books, Practical Life/Living Skills.

Fine arts and performing arts studios like dance, music and movement and thematical acts. (drama)

Theme/concept based curriculum on a monthly basis to enhance the cognitive development of the child.

We display children’s work in the class room which makes the class room come alive.

Our Carefully planned curriculum enables our teachers to implement our goals effectively.

We have colourful child friendly interiors and materials for our children.

Spacious class rooms, play and activity outdoor areas, advanced and fun toys, splash pool, kids library, art and craft, games, dance, music, theatre and day care facilities.

Highly safe and child-friendly indoor play zone equipped with imported non-toxic play equipment’s.

An Activity Zone, exclusively designed for the child to develop their motor & mental ability and creativity.

Audio-Visual Zone with multimedia projected education system to enhance the individual thinking and learning new concepts.

Our Aim

We aim to give young children a creative and playful learning experience.
Enables them to grow in confidence socially and emotionally.
Be comfortable and happy with themselves.
Enjoy and thrive in future learning situations.
Provide new age learning aids and curriculum.
Take care about themselves and everyone around them.
To discover more, learn faster and grow effortlessly.
To work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity and values diversity for them and
their families.
To work in partnership with parents to help children learn and develop and add to the well-being of our
To provide a safe, Hygienic, secure and stimulating environment.
Health assessment done to review the child’s development.

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