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Home is a place where your child is comfortable and happy. Welcome to lvkrest School which is your child's second home.

We belive that each child is an individually gisted by God with his or her own special interest and abilities. We have designed our sessions to enable our childern to develop these God-givenskills. We promote social, spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical growth of each child by providing age appropriate information through various materials and levels of interactions. Positive learning experiences at an early age contribute to the development of each child by enriching the right values and enhancing their intellectual quotient.

IvykRest is an education enrichment company which deals with giving education in a fun filled way. that helps children between ages 2.5 and 14, absorb knowledge and concepts holistically. It is also a place where parents can take comfort in knowing that their child is loved and cared for. IvykRest Kidz programs are designed to increase school readiness and provide opportunities for child development and age/skill appropriate activities. They are structured on the premise that all children learn differently and move through learning, at different speeds. Implementing the concept of Multiple Intelligences, IvykRest Kidz provides an educational advantage, by encouraging children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting. The child-centric approach of the program reinforces communication, creativity and critical thinking skills that will carry over into the home and school settings. Advantages of IvykRest Kidz way of learning:

"IvykRest Provides Education which helps your child to Understand and adapt to the Next Level Education"

Our Vision
At IvykRest Kidz, we partner with families, educators and other folks who care about kids to co-create a world where we are all free to be our true and best selves within vibrant, peaceful, creative & caring communities. Our camps and classes use the magic and power of creative learning to help kids ages 2.5 - 14 manifest this world. Our Mission: To implement our vision with good faith and fulfillment.

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Phone no : -080- 65839540

Mail Id : ivykrest@gmail.com

Website : www.ivykrest.com

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